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We understand the design of your website is vital for anybody wanting to make an online presence which is why our team of highly trained experts will work with you to create the website design you have been dreaming of. Our team have award winning design skills that are available to you at affordable prices.

With our website design service our team make sure that you not only have a professional looking website but one that is easy to navigate to the user and “does what it says on the tin” It is also imperative that your website design fits with upcoming internet changes and updates which is why our team will develop the most contemporary and friendly websites you will see online today.

Our aim when creating a website is to achieve the goals you set us which is why we work with you every step of the way to produce the very best website for every clients needs.

Our website design services vary depending on the type of website, number of pages, Software integration etc.

 Ecommerce Website Design

Who would have thought that online shopping in the 21st century would take the entire world by storm, not to mention become the norm for so many of us who find it just too convenient to shop in the comfort of our own home. These days many businesses have struggled to make ends meet since not having an online presence, don’t let your business become one of them.

Blue Koala Websites can help your business boom in 2014 with an exciting new ecommerce website design to show your customers you DO care and you ARE the best.

So are you ready to start making money online with an ecommerce store? Then look no further than Blue Koala Websites for a truly amazing ecommerce website design.

Each day more of your customers are switching to online shopping rather than heading out to a physical store or shopping mall, therefore it should no longer be desire that attracts you to an ecommerce website but necessity. After all, do you really want to lose your valued shoppers to a competitor with a great ecommerce website design?

With some of the biggest names in business such as Walmart and Best Buy now featuring shopping online for their customers, and the internet making such a big impact on so many businesses worldwide it really is a priority you too start taking orders online.

So why not let our ecommerce website design experts at Blue Koala Websites take your current website or business and turn it into a stunning professional ecommerce store, easy to navigate through and even easier to purchase through and that’s not all, our experts use the latest technology to make your life less stressful with an easy to manage interface for you to begin processing your heavy flow of online orders.

Make the purchase process with your company more appealing to your customers with an easy to navigate, well designed and fully functional ecommerce website and watch those profits increase.

So what are you waiting for? Let our specialist team bring your business to life with a successful, reliable, well designed ecommerce website design bringing you into the 21st century.

SEO Services

Boost your rankings with search engine optimisation, Our experts have achieved high rankings including number 1 positions with a number of keywords.

Search engine optimization is the development behind successful websites and used to “boost” or “maximize” your website for better rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc with the quest to gain more traffic and therefore more sales/ enquiries.

SEO as it is known as is a process which takes time, dedication, knowledge and Internet expertise from the right team. It is almost every website owners dream to be at the top of Search engines so choosing the correct package and company to drive your site up the search rankings is imperative as choosing the wrong one can seriously damage your page rankings and cost you a lot of money not to mention lose you business.

With our extensive knowledge in SEO and a team of professionally trained “digital gurus” you would expect our services to be expensive… well we are not! We have developed a number of SEO packages to suit your needs at affordable prices, we also offer monthly subscription packages for all our seo services.


To find out about our amazing packages contact us via email on



Graphic Design

Let our experts create something amazing for you.

web-design-siteAlong with our website design services and logo designs we will also provide the right marketing material to boost your sales. From business cards and flyers to promotional brochures,  magazines and even your shops catalogue we have the skills to develop your marketing material for you at affordable prices.

We use our graphic design skills to implement convincing, descriptive and detailed sales and marketing material by highly researching your company products, and producing the most effective solutions to drive your sales “through the roof”

We have proven examples of our marketing materials maximising revenues for our clients just read our testimonials or even better contact our clients direct.

So now your finished researching our expertise let us research yours and expand your business together.

Be prepared for overwhelming responses … email us on with what you need we will deliver a quote within 48 hours.

Video Marketing

We have all heard of for marketing our services with video advertising but how do you get the right video to show off your company ? YOU DONT…WE WILL!

We have created hundreds of video advertising materials, commercial videos, presentations,for hundreds of clients and seen an increase in profits from video advertising alone.

Video marketing is definately not a tool which should be put on hold with so many people using  video advertising online to target customers. An effective video can tell your story and show the spirit of your company, it not only engages viewers but delivers the right target audience.

With video advertising you can effectively run online ads at a fraction of the cost of marketing material and boost your rankings with search engines.

Email us on to find out how video marketing can work for your business to. Prices start from £30 per video.


Don't just take our word for it look at some of the amazing work we have created!

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